Coronavirus from China. The first fatal case in Taiwan

Coronavirus The first fatal case in Taiwan Another 70 infected on the cruise ship Diamond Princess

Coronavirus The first fatal case in Taiwan Another 70 infected on the cruise ship Diamond Princess

The Taiwan Ministry of Health reported the first fatal case of a coronavirus. A 61-year-old man who has not traveled abroad recently died. The Japanese authorities have reported another 70 infected passengers on the Diamond Princess cruise ship, which has been quarantined in Yokohama for almost two weeks.Taiwanese health minister Chen Shih-chung announced at a conference that the deceased 61-year-old had been in hospital for two weeks. Unfortunately, the doctors failed to help him. Perhaps the reason his body did not cope with the coronavirus was that the deceased also had diabetes and hepatitis B.

Coronavirus from China One of Westerdam’s passengers infected with a virus. The ship circled the sea for two weeks

It is not known how the man became infected with coronavirus. He has not traveled abroad recently. Authorities suspect he may have been infected by one of his passengers – the 61-year-old was a taxi driver.Coronavirus from China. 355 people have already become infected with the Diamond Princess
The number of people infected with coronavirus on the Diamond Princess cruiser has increased by 70 cases since Saturday. As a result, 355 passengers have already been admitted to hospitals in Japan.46 US citizens are infected. They do not have a chance to return home yet, despite the fact that two US planes will land in Japan on Sunday to evacuate passengers from this country. “Infected people or those showing symptoms of the disease will not be allowed on board,” the American embassy in Tokyo said.

Coronavirus from China “60% of the world’s population can be infected”

Hong Kong and Canada have also announced the evacuation of their citizens from the ship, which has been quarantined in the port of Yokohama for almost two weeks. It is not known yet when this will happen.
Let us remind you that there are three Poles on board the cruise ship: two passengers and a crew member. What is their state of health?”The Polish Consul in Japan is in constant contact with Polish citizens aboard the Diamond Princess. Due to the protection of personal data and the lack of authorization, the Ministry of Foreign Affairs cannot provide any further information regarding their health,” the press office of Polish diplomacy informed WP.Coronavirus on board Westerdam.

Repeated testing confirmed the presence of a coronavirus on one of the former passengers on the Westerdam cruise ship

which after two weeks of wandering at sea finally moored at the port of Preăh Sihanŭk in Cambodia. The virus was not detected in her until she arrived in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia, from where she was supposed to fly home in the USA.Until now, the shipowner argued that there were no people infected with coronavirus on board the ship.The number of fatalities in the 2019-nCoV coronavirus in mainland China has increased to 1,665 people, according to the latest data. There are already 68.5 thousand infected with it. people. Most of them – over 56,000 – are residents of the Hubei province in central China, where the virus attacked for the first time in December last year.

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