Coronavirus from China. Brazil confirms the first infection

Coronavirus from China Brazil confirms the first infection

Coronavirus from China Brazil confirms the first infection

Brazil is the first country in Latin America with a confirmed case of infection with the SARS-CoV-2 coronavirus, also known under the earlier name 2019-nCoV. A 61-year-old man recently returned from Italy.The Brazilian who has been confirmed to have coronavirus infection has mild symptoms. Sam came to the hospital Albert Einstein in Sao Paulo, suspecting that he may have contracted a virus from China. The man returned a few days earlier from Italy, from the Lombardy region, where the most cases of SARS-CoV-2 were recorded.

Coronavirus in Europe A new country with a confirmed case

The man is in good condition, has mild symptoms and does not have to be in the hospital. He remains isolated in his own home, the hospital said in an official announcement.Coronavirus in Brazil: four people tested
Meanwhile, Brazilian medical services have asked the airline for a list of passengers with whom the 61-year-old returned to the country. They also reported that another four people in the state of Sao Paulo are suspected of being infected with coronavirus. Have been tested.

Coronavirus from China A member of the Diamond Princess crew infected. It’s Hungarian

The Brazilian daily Folha de S. Paulo reminds that 34 Brazilians who were evacuated from Wuhan and quarantined at an Anapolis military base returned home on Sunday. Tests in their case were negative.

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