Coronavirus from China. Over 1,100 deaths. Two new cases in Germany

Coronavirus from China Over 1,100 deaths Two new cases in Germany

Coronavirus from China Over 1,100 deaths Two new cases in Germany

The death toll of COVID-19-inducing coronavirus, because that is the name of the disease it causes, has risen again. He has already killed 1115 people worldwide. Only in China did the number of infected grow to 44.6 thousand people. In Germany, two new cases of infection were confirmed.Two new cases of the virus have been reported in Bavaria. They have a relationship with a company from the automotive industry Webasto, which has a branch in China. It was from there that a Chinese woman infected with coronavirus for training at the headquarters in Stockdorf.The woman had no idea that she was infected, she had no disease symptoms. She infected several employees. They passed the virus on. So far, tests have passed positively in 14 people.

Coronavirus from China WHO announces vaccine

A total of 16 people are infected with coronavirus in Germany. The tests were also positive for two people who were evacuated from China after the outbreak of the epidemic.Coronavirus from China: more and more infected on board the Diamond Princess.The number of infected on the quarantine ship in Yokohama Diamond Princess also increased . Already in 175 people tests were positive.

Coronavirus from China The peak of illnesses is yet to come

Around 3.6 thousand still remained on board the cruise ship. persons – passengers and crew members, including 3 Poles. So far, the Japanese have tested less than 500 people for the virus.Coronavirus from China: 1115 fatalities
A new virus appeared in early December in Wuhan, Hubei province in central China. It is suspected that the source of infection was the seafood market, where wild meat was also traded. The coronavirus quickly spread to the whole country, the number of new cases of infection began to grow rapidly.

The epidemic has spread to around 30 countries around the world, including several European ones, including Germany, France, Italy, Finland

According to the latest data infected with the 2019-nCoV coronavirus – only in mainland China – there are over 44.6 thousand people. 1113 people have already died there.In addition to mainland China, two deaths have been reported so far – in the Philippines and Hong Kong.

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