Cleanliness from Turkey collected books from garbage and made a library of them


City cleanliness in Ankara has its own library, and all the books were picked up by workers from that company from containers across the city.

“They should have finished the waste, and we gave them a new life,” says Emirali Urtekin, the library manager.


The idea was born while thinking with colleagues about what they could do next to a regular job. So they founded a music band, whose members play at the garbage cans thrown into old iron.

“Reading is good for the brain and brings you to new ideas,” says Eury Yilmaz, a twenty-year old, who publishes books for readers. Today, the library has 4,700 books, and another 1,500 are waiting for their place on the shelf.

The project was launched seven months ago, and the books are divided into sections: from love novels, through children’s books, to business advisers. Initially, the library was used only by city cleaners in the Jankaja County (700 of them), but now it is open to everyone and works 24 hours a day.