Chinese Doctor Dies After Handling Patients Infected with Corona Virus

The new type of Corona virus that is endemic in China has spread to a number of countries. To date 41 people have been reported dead in China and have infected 1,300 people globally. As of Saturday (25/1), as reported by the South China Morning Post , the virus has resulted in a professional doctor in China died.

Ironically, a doctor named Liang Wudong, 62, helped treat patients infected with the corona virus. He is also making efforts to minimize the spread of the virus. Only, Dr. Liang actually infected and died 9 days later.

Corona Virus

The death of Dr. Liang marks the first death of a medical professional affected by the corona virus. Liang, a surgeon at Xinhua Hospital in Wuhan, died at 07.00 local time, Saturday (1/25). Liang was allegedly infected with the corona virus on January 16 at the Chinese Integrated Medicine Hospital, Hubei Province, before she was transferred to Wuhan Jinyintan Hospital for treatment.

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Previously he reportedly complained because his chest felt tight. The doctor also looked confused before finally undergoing treatment. From the initial diagnosis, he had an infection in the chest as reported by the Wuhan Evening Post . Liang also mentioned having a history of coronary heart disease.

Meanwhile, an unnamed medical staff told media crews that Dr Liang was suspected of being infected with the coronavirus.

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