China's coronavirus has reached Africa

China’s coronavirus has reached Africa The first confirmed case in Egypt

China’s coronavirus has reached Africa The first confirmed case in Egypt

The Ministry of Health in Egypt reported that the country has confirmed the first case of infection with coronavirus 2019-nCoV. – There is nothing to worry about – assure representatives of Egyptian medical services. They add that the next 14 people whose health condition aroused the suspicion of doctors, the tests were negative.The patient’s condition is stable, there are no symptoms of the disease, he is covered by a 14-day quarantine – said a representative of the Egyptian Ministry of Health. He also informed that he was infected with a foreigner, but did not indicate his nationality.

Coronavirus from China She boasted that she had escaped from quarantine. Police knocked on the door

Local media, according to, have determined, however, that the coronavirus infected is Chinese. He flew to Cairo and, together with his fellow countrymen, was directed to an isolated zone, where all passengers arriving from countries where the virus was observed are directed.Samples taken from him were positive. In the morning he was quarantined in a hospital in the Matruh province in the north of the country.

Coronavirus from China It spreads to all continents

The first cases of coronavirus infection were recorded in Wuhan, Central China last December. The number of infected started to rise rapidly at the beginning of January.Coronavirus in Poland? A patient with a suspected virus infection in a hospital in Nowy Sącz.In February, the World Health Organization recognized it as an international crisis, describing it as an epidemic with many outbreaks.Outside of China, infection has already been detected in around 30 countries around the world. According to the latest data, the number of virus victims in China alone is 1380 people. Over 63.8 thousand are infected. people.

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