The parliament of Catalonia is busy with discussions regarding the regional government’s move for independence just one day prior to the Spanish government’s expected reassertion of control. Carles Puigdemont, Catalonia’s leader had opted for not calling regional elections to break the existing deadlock with Madrid. He called on the MP’s to discuss their way in moving forward. However, in the meanwhile the Spanish government is planning to take away Mr Puigdemont’s powers. Large crowds of people were gathering outside the building of the regional government in Barcelona, prior to the much-awaited statement of Mr Puigdemont. It is anticipated that the Spanish Senate will on Friday approve the move under their constitution’s Article 155. Many Catalonians hoped that their leader would actually declare independence, whilst it was speculated that he might opt to call regional elections, attempting to avoid Spanish rule.  Mr Puigdement had chosen to do neither, whilst he stated his willingness to call elections, but only if guarantees were given. He stated that the Popular Party of Spain’s government did not grant such assurances, but did not give more details. However, he said that it is the Catalan parliament’s decision, whether they should proceed, depending what was determined by the majority.

Catalonias debate - Catalan crisis - Regional MP’s debating the Spanish takeover bid

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On 1 October, following a referendum, independence was declared by Mr Puigdemont. However, the Spanish Constitutional Court ruled this as illegitimate. The Catalan leader instantaneously suspended the implementation and asked for negotiations. During a parliamentary session held in Barcelona on Thursday, a government spokesperson stated that a proposal for implementing the referendum’s results would be presented to Members of Parliament during Friday. Soraya Saenz-de-Santamaria, the Deputy Prime Minister of Spain defended the way in which the Spanish government handled the crisis. Ms de Santamaria declared that the Spanish model poses to be an example of one of the world’s most decentralised governments. She added that they had always shown their genuine desire to cooperate, but that the pro-independence group had clearly shown that they are not interested in dialogue. Mr Puigdemont will  be removed under the proposals, whilst new regional elections will be held. Catalonia’s police, public media and finances will be taken over by Madrid. According to the Catalan government, 90% of the 43%, of people who voted in the referendum, wanted independence.