Before you next attach your child’s photo to Facebook, read where all this picture can COME


We all have one such friend. We found out that she was pregnant when she published an ultrasound image, her baby’s baby did not spend all the time in this world when she began to collect the first teens, and then the photos from the crib, where and from the costume began to fall down one after the other.


For new generations it is simply natural that what occupies their life occupies their profile. At some point, they become children, to whom the parents are so proud to share almost every common moment.

For this type of parents, even new terms “sharing” or “parenting” (parents + sharing) are invented. The trend was mostly accepted by mothers, and some were so well-managed that children’s merchants pay them to advertise their goods on the networks.

“Parenting” has many benefits and one drawback – posted pictures can easily “get legs” and flick where they are not.

These are some of the things parents need to pay attention before clicking on the “publish” button -child pornography.