Antistress treatment: Here’s how to help your skin


Stress, except for health, also affects the beauty and there is no such makeup that will blurred the bruised face, wrinkles, blushes and skin without shine. Here’s what you need to do.


While we are struggling with stress at work and at home, one important thing is forgotten, and our skin suffers from it. UV radiation, dirt, smoke from cigarettes, air conditioners, heat, wind, fatigue, improper diet, so when we add care and nervousness, our skin will first rebel against this condition. And that may not be bad. Better skin than the heart. Namely, stress affects the outer skin of the skin that protects the skin and makes it well hydrated and allows the molecules from the cream to enter the skin and thus treat skin problems. When the stress breaks into this barrier, the skin can not be defended as it was before, and problems arise. Additionally, when you are under stress, the hormones of the corizol are the light from which the skin cares for the secretion of fat.

Basic face care is not skipped

The first step is to properly clean the face and hydration. Therefore, no matter how tired you are, you should not lie in a bed with makeup. A few moves to the tupfer with soaked micellar water and hydrating cream will not take your time, and it is very effective.

Try aromatherapy

Many of the gifts of nature, such as lavender and chamomile, look soothing and relaxing, so get a shower gel or smell with these aromas or massage with your favorite essential oils. You will relax, and that will also be seen on your face.

Make homemade anti-stress mask

Wet half a cup of yoghurt with half a cup of honey and lightly massage the face for a few minutes, then rinse with warm water. Lactic acid from yogurt will remove the dead skin layers, while the face will return to your face a fresh look.