America is weak: In the military race, force of east is stronger


China and Russia provoke US military superiority, and its allies can no longer rely on the strategic advantage they have enjoyed so far, write the leading security experts in the annual report.


The report “Military Equilibrium 2018”, compiled by experts from the International Institute for Strategic Studies (IISS), warns that, although war between great powers is not inevitable, Washington, Moscow and Beijing are preparing for a possible conflict.

It details the accelerated advancement and proliferation of weapons in China. So in military use in 2020, the Chengdu J-20 combat aircraft will enter, which means that the US will no longer be the only one with stelt aircraft.

In the meantime, China will also improve missiles, so its L-15 air-to-air missile system will equip radar with an electronic scanner, which is a technology that few countries have.

Similar improvements were observed in her navy. Over the past 15 years, China has made more corvettes, destroyers, frigates and submarines than Japan, India and South Korea together. In the last four years alone, warships and equipment for them, whose factory volume, is much harder than that of the entire French Navy.

The launch of the first cruiser Type-055 shows that it is now able to send its ships to the coast of Europe.

Its base in Djibouti in the future can serve it to launch missions at long distances.

As far as Russia is concerned, its militarization is slower due to finance and industrial problems. However, it has benefited greatly from the experience of real fighting in Syria and Ukraine, and it also shows advanced capabilities in hybrid warfare, which are also cyber attacks.

Some governments in the West could turn to revolutionary technologies to increase military power, but they have no guarantee of success – said Dr John Chipman, IISS’s general manager. He pointed out that China is rapidly progressing towards becoming no longer a country that suits the United States, but to become a global defense innovator.

– However, in order to use its capabilities in the most efficient way, China will have to make similar progress in training, doctrine and tactics.