According to a report by Tolo News, Ashraf Ghani, the President of Afghanistan, has issued a demand which forbids Pakistani trucks to cross its borders through the Spin Boldak and Torkham border crossings. On Sunday, the Afghan transport ministry declared that Pakistani trucks will just be authorized to drive until they reach the border crossing. At the crossing the drivers must unload their cargo and convey it to the Afghan trucks. Up till this stage, Pakistani trucks were allowed to cross the Spin Boldak and Torkham borders into Afghanistan. A lot of them transported their cargo through further borders to other countries in Central Asia.




APTA (Afghanistan & Pakistan Trade Agreement)


Hekmatullah Qawanch, spokesman for the Afghan transport ministry, stated that before the expiration of APTA, Pakistan disallowed trucks from Afghanistan from entering their territory. He added that they are doing the same now and therefore Pakistani trucks will unload their cargo at the borders where Afghanistan trucks will transport the cargo to the ports of Shir Khan and Hairatan.The militants of the Tehreek-e-Taliban, based on Afghan territory, were blamed by Pakistan for launching attacks into Pakistan during the past year. Pakistan urged Kabul to eliminate their militant-sanctuaries. In turn, Afghanistan alleges Islamabad of giving shelter to the Afghanistan Taliban leadership, who are fighting the government in Kabul, which is backed by the West. Both countries deny the mutual accusations of aiding the militants, but during the recent years relations acidified between the two countries.