According to the new state Armament Program Russian navy is planning to boost its Mine Countermeasure ( MCM) capabilities in order to acquire the access of 10 Alexandrit class by the year 2027 and 30 by  the year 2035. This project 12700 under the new state Armament Program include the construction and development of MCM vessels.

These first class vessels will enhance the naval capabilities of Russia in order to conduct its sea missions against  its rivals. United shipbuilding corporation have build four Alexandrit class minesweepers along with the constrution of their hulls. The commander in chief of Russian navy stated the the order includes four MCM vessels under project 12700 and 40 hulls. By 2021 Russian navy will get approximately eight Alexandrit class minesweepers.

These vessels are remotely operated and  have modern surface platforms with sweeping gears and explosive charges and will help in counter measuring operations.