Shahid Kaqan Abassi, the Pakistani Prime Minister conveyed his congratulations to Chinese President, Xi Jinping when he was re-elected as China’s General Secretary of the CPC (Communist Party of China). He stated in his congratulation message that President Xi Jinping’s re-election in the leadership position is a declaration of the support and overwhelming confidence the Chinese population and the all-inclusive CPC have in his leadership ability. He expressed his hope that Pakistan and China would continuously enjoy an exceptional  relationship in all spheres of their mutual interest, especially in implementing the CPEC (China-Pakistan Economic Corridor.  He added that the Pakistani government and people are ready in taking their extensive and strategic collaborative partnership to reach new heights. Mr Abbasi referred to China’s accomplishments during the previous 5 years and stated that the world applauded the generational metamorphosis achieved by China since the introduction of the transformations and the process of uncovering during 1978. The Prime Minister added that the resourcefulness of the CPEC (China-Pakistan Economic Corridor) and Belt and Road initiatives are distinctive features of this win-win collaboration.

Pak China relations - Abassi: Pakistan foresees exceptional relationship with China under the leadership of Xi Jinping

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The Punjab’s Chief Minister, Mian Shahbaz Sharif, declared in his message of congratulations to the Chinese President that his re-election gave him immense pleasure. Sharif added that the exemplary bond during all circumstances between the two countries is entering a new phase of shared progression under the Chinese President’s incentive and vigorous leadership. The PPP (Pakistan People’s Party) congratulated Xi Jinping regarding his re-election as the CPC’s General Secretary. Senator Sherry Rehman, the PPP’s Vice President declared her party’s congratulations and good wishes to the Chinese President and said his re-election was well-deserved. She said that under the committed leadership of President Jinping in his first term, remarkable development and economic milestones were achieved by China. Senator Rehman further commented about the benchmark adjustment made in the Chinese Constitution during the CPC Congress’ 19th meeting and described it as remarkable to be aware of the fact that the project of the One Belt-One Road now forms part of the Constitution of China. She added that they are looking forward to strengthening their ties further via bilateral collaboration for both countries’ long-term goals of regional peace and shared prosperity