93 Indonesian Students Trapped in Wuhan, Complaining Food Prices Skyrocket

As many as 93 Indonesian students studying in Wuhan, China, ensure that they are safe and sound. They are always waiting for further information and developments.

Even so, of course, as overseas students, they must survive in the midst of an epidemic of the corona virus that spreads across countries. Students began to complain about food prices.

Besides being Chinese New Year celebration, the corona virus makes the shops of merchants there more lonely. There are only a few grocery stores that are still open. Foodstuffs are getting difficult with limited stock, making food prices skyrocket there. Because the local government isolated the region which has a population of 11 million people.

“We are all still safe and sound. Indeed the current situation as it was reported that all transportation is stopped, MRT, airplanes, and others. But for food it is still safe, even though the limited food supply makes the prices here go crazy. Many times, “said Indonesian students in Wuhan while chatting with by telephone, Gerard Ertandy, Yuliannova Lestari, and Muhammad Aris Ichwanto, Sunday night (1/26).

They cited the price of vegetables which rose dramatically. For example, buying cabbage, beans, and eggplants costs Rp 200 thousand. They do not know how long the food stock is still safe, although now everything is still sufficient.

“Because it is currently Chinese New Year too, it is very quiet that many shops are closed and very quiet. Like Lebaran in Indonesia, all are closed because they want to gather with family. Plus the issue of this virus, so the increase is 2-3 times. Yes plus eat instant noodles, “they laughed.

For other food needs such as protein, it is still sufficient despite the limited supply. Of course, the wholesale market in Wuhan could eventually have difficulty getting supplies because of the transportation access that was stopped.

Safe drug stock

For the stock of medicines and masks it is also safe. Indonesian students always coordinate with the campus to report the latest health conditions. The campus also always provides good preventive measures.

“The campus provides masks and all preventive measures. Then we have also been available with cold medicines since a few days ago. Then a variety of vitamin C for endurance, “they said.

When talking with, students from Indonesia sounded calm, kept laughing, and were adults facing the issue of the corona virus outbreak. They ask their families, especially parents, not to panic excessively with their condition.

“We have never been out of contact, always giving news to our family, our parents. While waiting to coordinate with the campus, the Indonesian Embassy and the government here, the point is we continue to ask for all of us, yes, they said.

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