88 migrants leave "Alan Kurdi"

88 migrants leave “Alan Kurdi”

After a daylong odyssey, the German lifeboat “Alan Kurdi” has docked in Taranto, Italy. There, the 88 migrants were taken off board. They are now distributed to several countries in Europe.

The German rescue ship “Alan Kurdi” with 88 migrants on board arrived in Taranto in southern Italy. The people rescued in the Mediterranean disembarked in the Apulian port. Among them were, according to Italian media reports, nine minors. All should now be distributed within Europe.

According to the Ministry of Interior in Rome, Germany and France will host 60 of the migrants. Portugal has agreed to accept five of the refugees, Ireland take two of them and Italy 21.

The Ministry of the Interior had given the “Alan Kurdi” on Friday the permission to invest in Taranto. After almost a week on the Mediterranean, the crew had previously entered Italian territorial waters. The organization Sea Eye, which operates the rescue ship, had justified this with the bad weather.

The “Alan Kurdi” had rescued the refugees from a damaged rubber dinghy on Saturday last week and was said to have been massively threatened by forces from Libya. Patrol boats fired shots into the air and into the water, Sea Eye said. After the rescue operation, the “Alan Kurdi” was stuck in front of Lampedusa for days.

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