The United Arab Emirates can be reached through a three-year working visa, which allows you to bring both a spouse and a minor child. When they reach the age of 18, sons must find a job or enroll in a college. Only unmarried daughters may stay on a parental visa after the age of majority.

Unlike, for example, the United States, where work visas H-1B offer the possibility of obtaining permanent residence, possibly citizenship, there is no long-term residency option for foreign nationals in UAE.

If a foreign citizen loses his job or retires for years (in most companies it is 60 years old), he simply has to leave the Emirate, regardless of how long he lived in that country, even if he was born there. As a result, many young people are often forced to leave the UAE. They have been aware of this since childhood, which is why they cannot feel the Emirate’s real home.

Although they spent a good part, or even childhood, there, even though they went to the same schools, they followed the same rules as the fewer local people, they were never citizens of that country, nor could they ever have become.