We often use talcum powders of different brands. The nostalgic smell of talcum powder brings back memories of the baby’s bath-hour or the granny hugs you got from your grandmother. Well, it can be used for many more things than you could ever imagine!

Ten superb uses for talcum powder

Removal of greasy stains

If by accident you get oil or grease on your clothes or linen, take a ball of cotton wool and put some talcum powder on it. Now dab the stain repeatedly until it is completely gone. Now you can wash the item in the normal way.

It Enhances make-up procedure

It can assist you to enhance your eyelashes by giving it a thicker appearance. Put a light coat on your eyelashes, before you apply your mascara. The talcum powder will act as a primer with the result that the lashes will look longer and fuller.

It can act as an absorbent of facial oils and as a primer to assist in setting your make-up for the whole day. Another use is to blend it into a bronzer to make it lighter should the bronzer be too dark for your complexion.

Prevents chafing

If you are a jogger, especially during summer time you may be more vulnerable to chafing. Pat some talc in the places which usually get chafed. This will also cause less friction when you jog and your skin will stay smooth.

To remove sand from a car or clothes

Talc can assist you to remove sand whether it is in your car or you’re your clothes. Pat the powder on the places where you want to remove the sand and just wipe it off. Other substances like oil, water and sweat which cause the sand to cling will be absorbed by the talc and then you can easily remove the sand from your skin or car.

Cooling of sheets during summer

Use talc to cool your sheets during summer. Sprinkle the powder between the sheets for a while before going to sleep. Not only will it help to cool your sheets but also give it a wonderful smell.

Freshening shoes and books

If you or a family member’s shoes have a proneness to smell, sprinkle the powder into the shoes and leave it overnight. The next morning you can shake out the powder. The bad odors will be killed and absorbed during the night and you will have good smelling shoes.


It can also be used for books which had been stored in some damp places and have got moldy.  Give the books time to dry and then sprinkle baby powder on them. Put the books upright and leave it like that for some hours or a day. The books will look and feel newer afterward, with no mold.

Substitute for dry shampoo

It can be used as a substitute for dry shampoo. Cover your comb lightly with powder before you comb your hair. Take care in distributing it evenly. Then sprinkle some just under your hair’s top layer, near the roots like dry shampoo and it will absorb the excess oil. If you are a brunette, mix the talc with cocoa powder, while redheads can add cinnamon.

Moisturizer for dry skin and treatment of eczema

Pat some talc on irritated patches of skin. Keep the powder near during winter and summer time when our skin has a proneness to dry out.

To untangle necklaces

Talcum powder can be use to untangle your necklaces. Lightly sprinkle some on the tangled chain. Make sure the talc reaches every crevice and nook. It will relax the twist in the chain a bit, which can allow you to undo the knot without breaking or kinking your chain.

To loosen your pack of playing cards

Sprinkling powder on your playing cards will loosen them and make it easier to deal and they won’t stick together. When purchasing a pack of cards, put it together with some pinches of talc in a Ziploc-bag and then shake it well. Not only will they smell great, but it will be easier to shuffle and silky smooth.

So, these were very interesting talcum powder uses whcih can be beneficial in our lifestyle.